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An Explosion of Inspiration

Where does your inspiration come from? This is the most popular question I get asked when I visit schools. Actually that’s not true. The most popular question is this: Where did you get your night vision goggles and grappling hooks from? Just to explain, I turn up at schools dressed as a cat burglar. Please […]

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Characters Coming Alive With Great Dialogue

Characters can come alive with great dialogue. They can jump off the page, surprise you, make you laugh or make you cry. And it’s so much fun to write. Through what your characters say, their personalities shine through. Let me show you what I mean. Imagine a teacher asking the class if they have done […]

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Real Life Stories of Compassion

Compassion is possibly one of the most admirable qualities a human can have. It means that you care about other people’s feelings. You have empathy, can be selfless and want to help. In todays world where selfies are all the rage and reality TV programmes are all about ‘me, me me’, you could think that […]

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