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HelloOne of the best things about being an author is getting to meet my readers.  I would love to come to your school or festival. I offer single, double or triple visits including interactive assemblies (presentations) and workshops. I bring props, photos, fun activities and most importantly inspiration. Presentations and workshops  usually last an hour each and I am happy to sign books afterwards or in between sessions. 


Cat Burglar

Mission Gone Wild

Presentation for Primary Age

I offer an interactive assembly aimed at KS2 where I talk about my journey to be a writer, the inspiration behind the books from The Scarlet Files Series. I explore spirit animals found in Aztec mythology and delve into the world of night vision goggles and grappling hooks. There will be photos, props and dressing up, and together we create an exciting adventure. If you think your younger children can cope, I am more than happy for KS1 to join us. Sometimes an hour is too long for them, but you know your children. I have presented half hour assemblies too.

I now offer an interactive Stunt Double assembly too where I talk about my inspiration for the book. We delve into the world of thrilling stunts and movie making. There are photos and videos from a stunt academy and stunt woman, as well as props and dressing up. We design and act out a movie trailer using the children's creative ideas.

Presentation for KS3

I offer an interactive assembly aimed at KS3 where I talk about my journey to be a writer, the inspiration behind the books from The Scarlet Files Series. I explore spirit animals found in Aztec mythology and delve into the world of night vision goggles and grappling hooks. I tell funny stories about incompetent robbers, skilled cat burglars, and explain the moral compass. There will be photos, props and dressing up if your students wish to. 

I now offer an interactive assembly about Stunt Double too. We talk about my journey to be a writer, the inspiration for the book and the importance of research. We delve into the world of thrilling stunts and movie making. There are photos and videos from a Stunt Academy and a stunt woman, along with a quiz to see if you've got what it takes to be a stunt performer. We look at tropes in Trailers and together we design a trailer for a brand new film.


Smaller Groups/Workshops for KS2 and KS3

If you would like a workshop approach, I can work with groups up to 30. Because of the content, I tend to focus on KS2 and KS3. My workshops can be adapted so they suit ages 8 to 13. There will be props, story telling and lots of fun.

Possible workshops include:

Intrepid Explorers Wanted 

But it wasn't me!

No, I can't transform now! 

The Accidental Superhero!

Cat Burglars Wanted For a Daring Heist!

Creating Fabulous Heroes and Terrifying Villains


If you would like to contact me to discuss your individual requirements as well as my rates, please press the button below to head over to my contacts page.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Mosterton assembly


Norton world book dayjpg




'Tamsin led a truly wonderful assembly. She inspired the children with tales of what they could be; shared how to be accurate with ideas; took them to a world of 'good' cat burglars and fired imaginations with a potato. Amazing! We would definitely have her back.'

‘During a recent workshop, Tamsin Cooke worked enthusiastically with my class of 7-9 year olds. She was totally inspirational. Her charismatic, lively and animated personality motivated the children to produce some creative and imaginative ideas. Chatting to my class later, they were really excited and were bubbling with enthusiasm and thought that her visit was great. They also love her book!’

Norton Sub Hamdon Primary School





Thank you so much for your inspiring visit which really brought your book to life for the children.You have enthralled and captivated the pupils' imaginations and have inspired even reluctant writers to create their own adventure stories. Your interaction with the children and enthusiasm in bringing your characters to life has made a lasting impression, on teachers and pupils alike. Your book is a firm favourite in our library and we are looking forward to the next one!

Thornford Primary School

'Full of energy and enthusiasm, Tamsin had the children totally engaged and enthralled with her presentation.'

Whitchurch Primary School

Thank you for your visit, both the children and staff were thoroughly engaged during the assembly as well as their workshop. The children were taken on a dynamic adventure where they loved exploring and creating different characters. Its already had a positive effect on their creative writing and left them oozing with enthusiasm to write more!

Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

The children of Horsington Church School had a really exciting morning with Tasmin. We explored what it is like to be an author. The children loved her enthusiasm and were very keen to share their ideas. The morning was pacey and drew on the children's own thoughts, whilst allowing them to share within teams. There is nothing like having a real, live author in your school to encourage children to read high quality books.

Horsington Church School 

We invited Tamsin to deliver an assembly to KS3 as well as three workshops for year 7 & 8 students. Tamsin was fantastic. In the assembly, she engaged all students with her enthusiastic engaging approach sharing her journey, inspiration for her novels and wonderful tales of bungling burglars. The workshops were interactive and motivated and enthused all students. They were buzzing with creative ideas and were full of praise:

“Tamsin is a lovely author and it was amazing to meet her” – Jess Flack, year 7
“A wonderful experience with a very inspirational author” – Scarlett Spiller, year 7
“A very interesting talk. She’s a very friendly author and I can’t wait to read her book” – Charlotte Collier, year 7

We would definitely recommend a visit from Tamsin as she is enthusiastic, engaging and inspiring.

                                                Cullompton College

'Tamsin was amazing! The children loved the workshops and flocked to buy the book to find out what happened to Scarlet.'

'Tamsin was lovely and the children seemed to enjoy it all. Hopefully we will reap the benefits in their Literacy, it has certainly upped enthusiasm for reading too!!'

Mosterton Primary School

We had Tamsin in to do an assembly and then workshops with our whole school and they loved every second! Tamsin arrived in full "cat burglar" costume complete with grappling hook and immediately the children were hooked!! She appealed to every age group, engaging all in her mini play involving children of all ages and then went onto working with the KS2 children in a wonderful workshop. The children have produced some great writing that seemed to have natural flow based on the skills she taught them. Highly recommended!

Powerstock Primary School


Thank you for coming to our school. We had a brilliant time and loved acting out being cat burglars, using your specialist equipment.It was fun trying to grapple up the lost ancient temple in Mexico and think about how we could steal the Golden Jaguar. We're pleased we came up with an unusual ending. The experience has made us want to write some of our own Cat Burglar stories (which we will try and share with you) and we were inspired by your work. Thank you again for sharing with us what fun it can be being an author. We look forward to seeing some more of your books soon. P.S. we love your books!

Appledore Primary School Year 5