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Real Life Stories of Compassion

Compassion is possibly one of the most admirable qualities a human can have. It means that you care about other people’s feelings. You have empathy, can be selfless and want to help. In todays world where selfies are all the rage and reality TV programmes are all about ‘me, me me’, you could think that […]

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Great Closing Lines

People often talk about the importance of great opening lines in books. And of course they’re important. They draw the reader in – give a flavour of what’s to come. But what about the last line of the book? Surely that is just as important. For these are the very last words we read. They […]

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The Dreaded Blank Page

Two weeks ago, I started a brand new book. I planned it all out on post-it notes scattered about my writing room and I couldn’t wait to begin. Well obviously I had to make a cup of tea first. Then I switched on the computer, hit new page and my fingers hovered over the keyboard. […]

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