Fiction Express


This is an innovative book platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories.

Every half-term, three books are published on their website in weekly chapters. What happens next is entirely up to the readers. Using their votes, they are able to decide where the plot goes next. Then the author will bring the most popular choice to life.

Readers get to read the chapter, vote on the plot, answer quizzes on the text, talk to the author and enjoy the activities.

The Hatchling was chosen to be Fiction Express readers' favourite Level 2 book, 2022 - Wahoo!!

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My Fiction Express Books


The hotel where Jake has always lived is losing money, and his parents do not know what to do. They think they will have to sell it and move away. But Jake loves the hotel, and his best friends, Carla and Luna, don’t want him to move either. The three of them have an idea to make the place more popular, but it isn’t exactly honest…


Oliver has just moved to a new town, and he really wants to make friends. So, when he goes out with some local kids, he unwillingly accepts a dare involving an old woman rumoured to be a witch. And now his whole summer will be spent working his way out of trouble…


Mabel has always wanted a pet, but her parents are too busy with work. They think Mabel is too irresponsible to take care of a pet on her own. So, when Mabel finds an egg in the park, it seems like her dreams of pet ownership have come true. But something strange lurks inside this egg. Perhaps Mabel isn’t ready for this responsibility after all?