Winners of the Cat Burglar Competition Announced

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Cat Burglar competition run by Somerset libraries. I was blown away by the quality of entries. They were so hard to judge, and everyone should be really proud of their creations.  

I really enjoyed reading all the reviews. I love how people commented on the style, pace, excitement and adventure of the books. They enjoyed the twists and turns, and seeing how the characters developed.

A huge congratulations to Angel Sebastian for winning first place. The runners up are Scarlet Finn and  Lillie-Rose Shadbolt.

The cat burglar designs were inspired! They were incredibly well thought out, and gave me lots of ideas for future gadgets. 

A huge congratulations to Suzanna Roberts for winning first place.  The runners up are Aida and Grayson.

The winning entries are below.