Fun Writing Activities

I love playing with words and creative ideas. And so I've, created some fun activities for you to do. There are writing prompts, challenges, comic creations, and lots more. Scroll through and see if there are any activities you'd like to try. 

If you'd like to send me any of your work, please head over to my contacts page. I'd love to see what you're getting up to.




Number Fourteen: Creating a potion to turn into an animal

If you could transform into any animal, what would it be?

Imagine you could make a magical potion to transform into that animal. What would you put in it? Can you list ten items? Make them as strange as possisble. For example, a rat from a sinking ship or a toadstool from the planet Venus.

You take the potion - but oh no. It doesn't quite work as you hoped. You begin to transform, but you change into a mutant animal with body parts from lots of different animals. For example elephant ears, the neck of a giraffe, the legs of a mouse. Can you draw and label your creature? You can give it a name too. 

Can you write out the story or create a recipe for your potion?

Number Thirteen: Mad Libs

Rules for Mad Libs: One person asks another person to fill in the blanks without telling them what the sentence says. 

Look at the story below. 

Ask the person to give you a name. write it down. Then you ask for a noun, the time of day, verb, adjective and so on...

When you have all the words needed to complete the story, you can read it back to them.

For example, if they chose Harry Potter for a name and carrot for a noun, the story would go:

'There was once a cat burglar called Harry Potter who wanted to steal the biggest ever carrot.'


The Story of a Cat Burglar

Fill in the gaps to complete the story

There was once a cat burglar called __________________(NAME)  who wanted to steal the biggest ever ________________________________ (NOUN)

One _______________________ (TIME OF DAY) he/she _______________________ (VERB) into a ______________________________________ (ADJECTIVE)  house. Luckily no one was around. He/she ___________________________________  (VERB) up the side of the wall and _____________________________ (VERB) down the chimney. He/she got covered in __________________________  (NOUN) and started to sneeze. He/she sneezed so _____________________ (ADVERB), he/she woke up the ___________________________________  (ANIMAL) who slept in the kitchen.

The owner __________________________ (VERB) into the room and grabbed hold of the burglar.  He/she called 999 and the ____________________________ (NOUN) turned up. 

The policeman said, ‘You, Burglar, are going to spend the rest of your life in a __________________________________________ (NOUN)

When you've finished, can you make up your own Mad Lib story, leaving gaps so people have to fill in the words?

Number Twelve: Designing a book cover

Have you got a favourite book? Could you design a new cover for it?

Think about your favourite scene in the book. Can you draw it? Or perhaps you want to draw one of the main characters. Think about making the cover eye-catching. You can use bright colours or keep it black and white. Don't forget to write the title and author's name on the front. You can add, 'Illustrated by' and put your name.

Number Eleven: Creating a stunt


Finn is one of the main characters in my books Stunt Double and Jungle Curse. He is a stunt double which means he performs all kinds of daring action scenes in a movie. He gets to ride motorbikes, leap off bridges and is even set on fire. Can you think of an exciting stunt Finn would like to do? It can be as crazy or wild as you like. Imagine you are his stunt coordinator (that means you organise the stunt and make sure no one gets hurt). Create step by step instruction for Finn with pictures. Don't forget to include any special equipment Finn needs, as well as the clothes he has to wear.

What happens if something goes wrong? Can you write a story about Finn and his new stunt?

Number Ten: Design a Cat Burglar Costume

My main character in Cat Burglar and Mission Gone Wild is a a 13 year old schoolgirl by day and cat burglar by night. (A cat burglar is a thief who tries not to hurt anyone or destroy property.) Scarlet and her father are on a mission. They are cat burglars who are returning treasures back to their rightful owners.  

Can you design a cat burglar outfit for Scarlet?

Think of the gadgets she might need to help her climb, sneak around, get passed locks and lasers. 

Number Nine: More Story Prompts

Using your imagination, can you answer these questions? Remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

What did the tiger do when it escaped the safari park?

Why did the surfer need rescuing?

How did the 'super hero teacher' lose her super cape?

Can you write a story based on one of these questions?


Number Eight: Create a Treasure Island Map

Using your imagination, draw a map of an island. You can have mermaid coves, monkey forests, sinking sand, a lone palm tree, ship wrecks in the sea - anything you can think of. Let your imagination run wild. Don't forget to label each zone. You could make your island 3D if you prefer - using glue, cardboard, leaves, play doh - anything you can find.

Choose a place where your treasure is hidden, but DON'T mark the spot.

Create a set of instructions explaining how to get to the treasure. For example: Start at Mermaid Cove. Take three finger steps left to the Sinking Sand. Scoot around the Sinking Sand until you reach Monkey Forest. The treasure is hidden at the third tree.

Test your friends and family to see if they can find the treasure. 

Can you write a story showing how the treasure ended up on the island? Did pirates put it there? If so, where did they get it from? 

Number Seven: Create a scene from a book out of LEGO

Do you have a favourite scene from a book? Maybe it's when Harry sees Hogwarts for the first time in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Maybe it's when Charlie sees the chocolate river in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Maybe it's when Lucy goes through the wardrobe to Narnia in Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Maybe it's when Scarlet scales up a wall in Cat Burglar or when Fin meets the Ropen for the first time in Stunt Double.

Can you create a scene out of LEGO? You can choose any book. And it doesn't matter if you don't have the official LEGO kits. You can use your own imagination and any bricks available. Have fun!

Number Six: Wordplay

How many smaller words can you find in these longer words?


Can you list the words?

Ask a friend or family member to play too. Who can find the most words?


Number Five: Create a recipe for the most disgusting sandwich

Can you think of the most revolting sandwich and create a recipe for it?

Look at the recipe below for making a bacon sandwich.

Recipe to make a BLT (bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich)

Serves 1


2-3 slices of bacon

2 slices of bread or bread roll

2 lettuce leaves

1 tomato


Tomato sauce (optional)

Mayonnaise (optional)


  • Cook the bacon under a preheated oven grill for seven minutes - turning halfway through the cooking time.
  • Cook until crispy, but not burnt or too dry.
  • (You can also fry the bacon in a pan if you wish).
  • Meanwhile shred the lettuce into centimetre pieces and slice the tomato.
  • Butter the two slices of bread. Spread mayonnaise on one slice and tomato sauce over the other (Optional).
  • Cover one slice of bread with the shredded lettuce leaves and slices of tomato.
  • Place the grilled or fried bacon inside the two slices of bread to make a sandwich.
  • Enjoy!

Can you create a revolting recipe full of disgusting ingredients? You could add raw slugs, mouldy cheese or chewing gum found at the bottom of someone's shoe.  

Can you draw and label your sandwich?

Number Four: Design a Dream Treehouse

Would you like a secret hideaway? Imagine a treehouse at the bottom of your garden or in a hidden part of a nearby park. Would there be more than one room? And what would you keep inside it? How would you get up the tree trunk?

Can you draw your treehouse and label it?

Can you make a 3D version out of cardboard or any other materials? 

Can you write a diary entry where you hide in your treehouse? What adventures happen? Or do you simply spend the day hiding with your friends and eating jellybeans?

Number Three: A Timed Challenge

Don't worry about spellings or handwriting. All that matters is that you can read your own handwriting.

Set your timer to thirty seconds.

Write down as many things that you can think of that are green. How many did you get? Ask a friend or a family member to do the same thing. Who thought of more? And how many words were the same?

Repeat this activity, but this time with the colour blue. Which colour was easier?

Number Two: Story Prompts

Using your imagination, can you answer these questions? Remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

If dogs ruled the world, what would they make humans do?

What did the pesky thieves steal from the Queen?

Why is Lucy sitting in a puddle?

Why did the getwaway driver crash the getaway car?

What happened when the vegetarian vampire saw blood for the first time?

Can you write a story based on one of these questions?

Number One: Spirit Animals

A spirit animal is your animal twin, said to be born at the same time as you. You might share the same characteristics and it comes to you in your hour of need. If you'd like to learn more, please click here

Activity 1 - Can you draw your spirit animal?

Activity 2 - What would you do if you transformed into it?

Activity 3 - Can you write a story based on your above ideas?