What is a Nahualli?

Nahuallis are such an important part of my books, Cat Burglar and Mission Gone Wild (in The Scarlet Files series).

Nahualli is an Aztec word meaning 'shadow soul.' The Aztecs believed a Nahualli is your animal twin, your spiritual double.

Born at the same time as you, you share each other's souls. Often you and your Nahualli have common characteristics. If you are brave and strong, it might be the jaguar.A brave hunterIf you see the whole picture when looking at a problem, it might be the eagle.

Seeing the whole problem

I like to think my Nahualli would be a lioness or a jaguar but my friends tell me it’s a Labradoodle!

Likes to eat, play and take naps!

If you're not sure what your Nahualli is, please try my quiz.