Dawlish College Work

I lifted my head with a neck-aching speed, as a sorrowful, yet ear ringing whine filled my tent with a dense feeling. I clambered my way out of the hazel sleeping bag and crept with complete silence, in and out of the others tents. The high yet smooth screeching filled the strange atmosphere. The trees clawed at me as I stumbled my way through to a clearing. My vision was blurry but as I made my way, a deformed, struggling animal came out from the shadows where it stood. It was a slightly faded creature and its mouth was abnormally long. The plain, dull colours that drenched its body completely made it seem ghostly and dead. The air smelt uncomfortably fresh, although what stood before my eyes seemed to be rotting.

By Bonnie

Wolf Blood

I jolted up looking about trying to decipher the weird scratching sound coming from outside. Reluctantly, my curiosity taking over, I left my sleeping bag to investigate. Creeping over my parents bodies.

By ??


Being Kidnapped

I stopped anxiously outside my tent…. And to my surprise they were there.

The adrenaline in my body was flowing faster than tide on to the sand.

I observed my surroundings, looking at my worst fear right on the face.

The wind was stabbing me in the chest, there was a whirlpool of rain, I was being strangled by the cold.

I could smell the scent of death in the air. I could smell body odour from the sweat drenching my back.

By ??

I jumped up out of my sleeping bag as something mysteriously woke me. I stepped out into the darkness. A loud screech occurred behind me. A shiver flowed down my spine. Goosebumps puffed up and my hands clenched tight. A knot built up in my stomach, I felt like I was trapped in a dark cage. The eerie atmosphere surrounded around me. I was not alone. The moon looked like blood. The smell of smoke filled the air mysteriously. The trees rustled ferociously against each other. I could see a large silhouette through the distance building adrenaline through my brain.

By Eden

I stepped anxiously outside my tent and before I knew it I was face to face with my biggest fear …

Just me, my parents and my dog. I was happy … but then this spineless chill went right through me.

So basically my parents and my dog and obviously myself went on a camping trip which originally I thought was fun … until I had this dream, a scary dream, not even a scary dream, a horrific nightmare more like. I had this dream the first night of the trip. I was being kidnapped, well not really kidnapped but scary men with horrifying faces looked me in the eye.

By Gracie


Three tall, dark men holding a 10 inch sword in each hand staring at me. They were laughing uncontrollably with a sinister look in their eyes. My heart was beating at the speed of light as the rest of my body froze in fear. The faint smell of burning lingered in the air. I went to investigate and I found nothing, I turned around. The entire woods behind me were engulfed in scorching flames. When I turned back the men were nowhere to be seen and all of the woods around me had been engulfed in bright colossal flames. The fire surrounded me and it slowly closed in, everything went black.

By Annabelle

As I lay silently in my tent my body was drenched in sweat. Suddenly I heard somebody laughing almost sinisterly, the laugh got louder and louder as it spread throughout the woods. As I went to investigate I saw three tall, dark men holding 10 inch swords in each hand. They carried on laughing evilly and it got even louder, this uncontrollable laughing was so loud it made a pack of wolves that were a mile away howl. I stepped back and I felt a heat against my back. I turned around and the whole woods behind me were on fire.

By Annabelle