Stockton Children’s work

TAMSIN, and the ancient Aztec temple.

By Benjamin 

Acknowledgments: I have no idea.

There is an author, an author named Tamsin Cooke. She wrote books called the Scarlet Files, which did quite well at the library. Today was the day she visited a school named Eggs Benedict primary school. Eggs Benedict school was said to really like her books, and most of them voted for her in the children’s book of the year 2017. There was this one child named Benjamin, who was crazy about the book. He loved it. If he could vote for 2 books, he would vote for the same book, Cat Burglar. He knew almost everything on the internet about the book, but had read it only once, he was a slow reader. Tamsin was on her way with a librarian, Ivan. Ivan was very funny, and everywhere he went, he made people laugh until they peed. Yeah. The car pulled to a stop. They climbed out and made their way to the front office. After checking in and bypassing the hall, Ivan and Tamsin reached the classroom. Jaws dropped. Trousers dripped. (Too much information)

“Children, this your favourite author, Tamsin Cooke,” the teacher announced.
The class roared with applause as she sat down.
“Hello class, I am Tamsin Cooke.”
By now, everybody’s eyes were as wide as when you chug down a load of red bull.
“So, does anybody know what books I write?”
“The scarlet files, Miss,” said Jeremy.
“That’s correct, my lovelies! So, before I became an author, I really wanted to be a vet. But I cannot stand the sight of blood, never mind sick animals. So then, I decided to be a synchronised swimmer. I was pretty good at it. But we soon had to move house, so I had to stop doing it. Can we all go awwww?”
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” the class chorused.
“That’s great! So all this time, I really wanted to be a… Can anyone guess?”
“A farmer?”
“An author.”
“That would make sense.”
“A mermaid?”
“Correct! We eventually got there. But I couldn’t really be a Mermaid, could I?” Tamsin laughed. “Anyway, enough of my life story, we’re going to make our own story. An Aztec story, just like the Scarlet Files. So, imagine an Aztec temple. In this temple holds the ruby of power, which enables you to have any power in the universe. So, when the bracelet sunk into Scarlet’s bloodstream, she felt strange. How would you feel if that happened to you? Yes, Benjamin?”
“I would be like: You get out of my blood stream!”
Tamsin laughed. After a lot more talking, here is what the class came up with. (They decided to change it to Tamsin, instead of Scarlet.)

Tamsin looked around. No one in sight. The Aztec temple was so close, she could almost lick it. But first, she had to cross a crocodile nested river. How would she cross? She couldn’t make a boat, because that would take too much time. She had no choice but to swim. She swum as fast as she could, reaching the other side just as a crocodile saw her. Now, for the stair climb. One step, two step, three step, four step. It took a good few minutes to reach the top. But it was worth it. She entered the temple, and climbed down the stone steps. Suddenly, an arrow flew across the room, then another, then another. Followed by a swarm of poison dart arrows, filled with snake venom. She climbed down more. Eventually, she reached the ruby, but before she could reach it, the walls collapsed in on her…

“So, did you enjoy that everybody?” Tamsin asked, feeling jolly.
“Yes!” the pupils chorused again and again.
“Well, goodbye!”
“BYE TAMSIN!” they all said, some happy, but some sad that she was leaving.



Monkey Temple

By Mollie

A few days ago, Scarlet was at home looking for something to do, so she looked up dangerous holidays and she found many.
"There's the one I was looking for!"She thought to herself a she saw a wild jungle, that could be filled with anything
"Tap."As scarlet pressed the booking sign for the dangerous holiday
After a while, she decided to have a look what she signed herself up for; then she realized that what she had signed herself up for was most dangerous, which was good as she was a dangerous girl herself. The picture that came onto the screen what quiet frightening for most but definitely didn't scare Scarlet. Slithering snakes, Venomous Spiders, Scaly Crocodiles and many more hazardous, unbelievable scary creatures.