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Channelling your inner armadillo…

When I first started writing, I had no idea what being an author in this day and age actually meant. I thought I could hide away in a writing shed at the bottom of my garden (not that I have one!) and create exciting fantastical stories. Every so often I would emerge into the real world […]

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Show Not Tell

I thought I would share a writing tip with you today about SHOW NOT TELL. Have you ever heard of that phrase? It’s when writers show their character’s emotions rather than tell them. It makes the story far more enticing, giving the reader a chance to share in the same feelings. This can be done […]

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Writing a Great First Page

On a recent school visit, a child said they really liked my first page of Cat Burglar (and the rest of the book – phew!). And they asked me what I thought made a great beginning to a story. This was such a brilliant question, and so I decided to share with you my own […]

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