When do you prefer to write and why?


When I’m in the midst of writing a book, I’m a little odd. (Actually people who know me might say I’m a little odd all the time!!) I go to sleep with the story whirring around my head and then wake up at…


Yes – I know. It’s a ridiculous time to get up. But I find the house is quiet, my creative brain is wide-awake and my fingers are ready to fly over the keyboard. The darkness and the solitude help me want to write.

I work for a couple of hours, do an exercise video or dance around the kitchen at 5am because I’ve been sitting for too long. (I did tell you I was a little odd!) Then I might write some more or surf the Internet.


By this time, it’s about 7, and the rest of my family are getting up. From then on, I write in frequent bursts throughout the day, while making sure my family are well looked after, my dog is walked, and those pesky chores like hanging out the washing aren’t ignored for too long. Also I have to make room for a lovely, long nap.

After 4 o clock I usually give up writing all together. My creative brain has gone to sleep.


So what about you? When do you find you are the most creative? Are you the sort of person who can write all night – until the early hours in the morning? If so, you’re probably going to bed just as I am getting up…

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