Writing For Enjoyment and Nothing Else

Do you ever write purely for enjoyment and nothing else? Do you ever write knowing that no one but you will see the words?


I do. And it is such a freeing experience. I can be anywhere in the house with my laptop or I can find a warm spot in the sunshine outside. I just allow the words to pour out of my head, through my fingertips onto my keyboard. I don’t worry about spelling or grammar or even whether it makes sense. The outcome is irrelevant. It is the process that I enjoy.images-10I simply write random thoughts. It could be a list of things I’ve done that day, such as, ‘I bought a bag of jellybeans. They didn’t have enough cinnamon ones inside.’ Or I could right about something that’s worrying me or something that I’m feeling guilty about. I might write about my hopes and dreams or my fears. I find it therapeutic.


On other occasions, I actually create things, especially when I’m feeling playful. Phrases seem to appear out of nowhere, and I fuse them into poems or song lyrics. Conversations between imaginary characters may pop into my head and I quickly jot them down. Or part of a story flows onto the screen – it might not have a beginning or an end, but it doesn’t matter because all of these creations are just for me.


It’s my private time with my private thoughts. I write just for me. So have a go. Have a go at writing what you want. It’s not going to be marked by your teachers or judged by your parents, guardians or peers. It is just for you to enjoy!



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